Monday, April 21, 2014


This weekend I completed my 2nd month of yoga teacher training. I had the pleasure of spending one evening and two full days learning about various esoteric and practical components of yoga practice. There are few things I enjoy more than spending time on my mat, with my yoga buddies....

People from so many different backgrounds walking on the same path. People come to yoga for different reasons, but the one thing that keeps them coming back is that they feel better.
My yoga mat is one of the only places where I can go to escape the chatter in my head. More often than not, I am able to stay present on my mat. I find clarity and peace on my's definitely more than just a physical practice for me.

One of my most poignant memories is from a painful period in my life, coming to accept that I could no longer remain in a relationship. I attended a regular class with a dear friend, and she knew what I had been dealing with. In class that night, as I went through the ansana sequences, I made the decision to end the relationship. I cried through each pose because I knew that in order to take care of myself, I had to walk away. It was a painful realization, but I knew in my heart that it was what I had to do. The repetition of the familiar postures soothed me as I found the way to my heart on the safety of my mat. My heart told me the truth and led me to the decision I had been trying so hard to avoid.
As we lay in savasana,  the final resting pose, my friend reached out & took my hand. I knew then that everything would be OK.

Yoga means union. It joins us together and helps us to remember that, at our core, we're really all the same. Different outsides, different life experiences, but we all come from love. And at the end of the journey, that's what we're all trying to return to: love.

We're all just walking each other home. ---Ram Dass


  1. What a beautiful touched my heart. I so understand the pain and the beauty of coming to the truth surrounded my love and love for self,

  2. Ah. When we make the difficult decisions we can join others on the walk home. Home to self. Ah.