Monday, April 7, 2014


Shifting my perspective in tiny increments sometimes feels like crawling across a vast desert.
But tiny increments add up and some change, no matter how small, is better than staying stuck in a place I don't want to be.

I believe that there is innate wisdom deep inside each of us, but the noisy chatter in our heads is sometimes too loud to hear it.
For me, that chatter is like a hamster wheel, spinning faster and faster, serving no purpose  and succeeding only in making me dizzy and keeping me stuck.

If I can take a step away from that noise for a moment, I can catch my breath and, sometimes, even receive a moment of peace. 

I mentioned in my last post that I had run into a friend of mine,quite unexpectedly, at the grocery store. As we caught up over tea, I shared some of my recent issues with her and she reminded me about her daily gratitude practice. We agreed to become each others' accountability partners and today was the first day.

Opening myself up to another person and sharing my struggles honestly created a tiny shift which inspired me to start this blog...and I am definitely grateful for that!
Instead of jumping back on that hamster wheel, I reached out to others and felt truly engaged again. I asked my doorman about his weekend and his family as we commiserated about the lousy weather. I contacted another student in my teacher training group to check in on her progress with our assignments. We're making arrangements to form a study group, for support and motivation. I felt truly connected to the other students in class tonight and even introduced myself to our new neighbor....and her sweet dog.

I realize now that I was living in my heart rather than my head. 
I allowed myself to be guided from my true Source rather than the analytical chaos that exists between my ears.

I felt like I was back in my body, rather than disconnected, which is the way I've been feeling lately.

I felt like me.....

Glory hallelujah!

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  1. Well, hello there, I absolutely love this piece and I am loving where, hence you are coming from. Change your mind, change you life. Spiritually speaking, we are at a constant war between mind and soul. I believe that is where the devil attacks us, in our mind, once he controls that he pretty much can do anything he wants. Live in the now, engage like you said, do not allow negative thoughts to linger too long. Sometimes negative thoughts do come and they help with growth, they stretch us. When they are allowed to fester, they will self destruct, so just wash them out of your beautiful hair. I make it a habit to write in my thankful journal every morning with my cup of coffee. Even, especially when I am not feeling it and I make it a habit to look at people and ask them questions about them selves, it makes life worth living. I am so proud of you, I have to remind myself every day, get out of your mind and into the present. I love you and I cannot wait to hear more of this from you, Love,R