Sunday, April 13, 2014


Slowly, slowly I feel like I'm coming back to myself.

I know that sharing my experience (strength and hope) in the format has definitely played a major part in this shift. It's so interesting...since I started this blog just a week ago, I've I've received such incredible support & feedback and have found that a dialogue has begun. I'm talking to more people about my experiences and more people are sharing that they too have been having similar experiences in their own lives.
Just by the simple act of sharing our struggles (and successes!), we can help each other simple and so profound.

I'm so grateful to be a part of this process!

Here are a few of the tiny(HUGE) shifts I've experienced this week:

1. Sharing my deep dark secrets about the way I'm feeling shines a light on them and helps me to see what's true. Fear ALWAYS has a way of making the monsters in the corner bigger than they really are.

2. Acceptance helps me to loosen my death grip on the things that keep me stuck. 

3. When I stop trying to control everything, everything falls into its proper place.

4. Forgiveness...even just a teeny step in that direction...frees ME from the choke hold of resentment & fear.

5. Looking at my life through the eyes of gratitude completely changes what I see.

I have an amazing life today! I am truly grateful for every little part of it, even the parts I don't like because they're part of what make the great stuff that much more amazing!!

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone...I am especially grateful for YOU!


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  1. Now that is beautiful, it is a battle every day, your gonna fight a battle everyday anyway, might as well be on the winning side,love,R