Saturday, October 8, 2016

Rise Sister Rise

Do not lose heart...We were made for these times.
Clarrisa Pinkola Estes

To all my sisters around the world: WE DESERVE BETTER!

I say this for myself as well as friends, cousins, and women I have yet to meet:


These are CRAZY times....

In some ways it seems as though we have progressed so far since the Civil Right's & Women's Movements of the 1960s....
This year, we have a female candidate running for President....YAY!
However, she's running against almost a caricature of the worst possible opponent imaginable:
narcissist, egomaniac, bigot, bully, racist, xenophobe. A billionaire with an endless list of reasons why he's NOT qualified to run in, let alone win this election.

While I respect everyone's right to have their own opinion and agree to disagree in a civil fashion, I have reached my limit.

I think that this election campaign is indicative of the state of our world at large. I will refrain from jumping on the anti-Donny bandwagon here (you can see that on my FB page!)

Suffice it to say that the women that came before us worked too damn hard for us to accept the vulgar and misogynistic comments that have become the basis of the GOP rhetoric during this campaign.
It's ridiculous that we are still battling the same sexist treatment that our mothers & grandmothers fought against decades ago.

You may think that you have to settle for this insanity, but I'm here to tell ya that just ain't so!

I am blessed to have a tribe of women around the globe who remind me when I forget:


We have to remind ourselves, hold ourselves accountable, and  provide support and loving kindness to each other.


For our daughters, nieces, aunts, grandmothers, sisters, and friends:


We are more than our physical attributes.
We do not exist solely for the sexual pleasure of ANY man.
Our bodies are OURS, and WE decide what happens to them.
We are intelligent, nurturing, creative, women.


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