Friday, September 11, 2015

Back in the saddle again...

If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.” – J.M. Power

Hello friend....It's been awhile since we last got together. I hope all is well in your world. I'm sorry I've been M.I.A. I didn't feel quite up to sharing...haven't been thrilled with some choices I've made lately. I've been stuck in a rut of ickiness and didn't feel that I had much of worth to share with you. I guess it would have been the ideal time to share my struggles & imperfections with you...I know I'm not alone in my negative feelings of self worth and self-medicating with food & social media, but who wants to hear someone complain about their life, right?  I want to provide inspiration and support, not wallow in my own crap. Misery loves company & I am determined NOT to contribute to the already excessive amount of negativity in the world. SO, I chose to stay silent.....for far too long, as it turns out.
I'm ready to take baby steps to loving myself again and treating myself the way I want to be treated.
I'm sick & tired of being sick & tired! Ready to make some MAJOR changes...starting with my physical health.

Can any of you relate?
Have you experienced periods like this?
What's worked for you? |
Maybe we can help each other....

Would love to hear from you!

Peace & love...

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